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usatoday – Phoenix civil rights memorial icon shut down with insults

PHOENIX – More than 300 people gathered on Zoom and Facebook Live to honor the late Calvin C. Goode, civil rights activist and Phoenix City Council “conscience” for 22 years, in a virtual ceremony Tuesday.

After just 20 minutes, the online ceremony was interrupted when at least two people shouted racist slurs. The service continued on a live Facebook feed hosted by the church that Goode attended for decades.

Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego was in the middle of her remarks when the screams started.

She tweeted a statement shortly thereafter: “I condemn the racists who disrupted Deputy Mayor Goode’s funeral. It is horrific and does not represent the values ​​and commitment of our community. I am determined to continue Deputy Mayor Goode’s fight. ”

Goode died on December 23. He was 93 years old.

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