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US Secretary of State Announces $ 64 Million in New Aid to Afghanistan as He Praises “Extraordinary Effort” of Airlift Evacuation

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Monday announced $ 64 million in aid to the Afghan civilian population, while pledging at a committee hearing held by the House Foreign Affairs panel to continue working to extract Americans and others across the country.

In prepared remarks, Blinken said USAID’s contribution “would meet critical health and nutrition needs, address the protection concerns of women, children and minorities, to help more children. – including girls – to go back to school “.

USAID initially announced the aid hours earlier in a press release, but Blinken was the first Biden administration official to speak publicly on the news.

The funding “will flow through independent organizations, such as UN agencies and NGOs, and will provide vital support directly to Afghans facing the aggravating effects of insecurity, conflict, recurrent natural disasters and the COVID pandemic. -19, ”the agency added in its statement.

The United States has now approved more than $ 300 million in aid to Afghanistan so far this fiscal year, Blinken continued in his remarks.

The secretary faced tough questions from Republicans on Monday about why some Americans and Afghan nationals who wanted to leave were left behind, while Democrats largely focused their fire on the Trump administration and sought to cover up the Biden administration.

The US evacuations ended late last month, although a handful of US citizens remain in the country, as do possibly hundreds, if not more, of Afghan Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) applicants.

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