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US elites are starting to admit that the world is rebelling against the US and that Washington has no one to blame but itself – RT World News

A former White House official has acknowledged the reality of the country’s growing resistance to imperialism

In an interesting recent speech in Tallinn, Estonia, former White House official Fiona Hill show that at least someone in Washington has enough self-awareness to see what’s going on in the world.

Hill acknowledged that the conflict in Ukraine has triggered a global crisis “rebellion by proxy”, led by Russia, against American hegemony. This is absolutely true, as many of us could see from the start of the Moscow military offensive in the spring of last year. But this setback was long in coming, and the United States brought it about by its own actions.

First, it must be pointed out that the Soviet Union, the predecessor of modern Russia, led a rebellion against American hegemony for much of its history. Especially during the Cold War, Moscow’s support was essential for Third World countries striving to overthrow centuries of Western colonialism in Latin America, Africa and Asia. The United States took it upon themselves to forcefully defend this colonial system. Indeed, the Cold War was really a giant proxy war between the United States and the Soviet Union over colonialism, with the United States fighting to maintain this system and the Soviet Union fighting to dismantle it. Much of the world’s population continues to be grateful for the help they received from the Soviets in breaking their colonial chains.

The Russian Federation recently recognized all this in its Foreign Policy Statement of March 31, 2023, in which it stated that the main foreign policy achievements of the Soviet Union were the defeat of Nazism in World War II and its role in the successful decolonization of the world. Modern Russia declares that, as the “legal successor” to the USSR, it continues to pursue these objectives. I see after my return from Russia and the Victory Day celebrations on May 9 that the Russian people continue to cherish these achievements of the Soviet Union, with the hammer and sickle red flag ubiquitous in every city I visit. have visited, from Saint Petersburg to Yalta.

Meanwhile, after the collapse of the Eastern Bloc in 1989 and the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, the United States saw an opportunity to reassert Western dominance over the largely unchecked world. While the United States called its goal Pax Americana, his methods had little to do with peace and everything to do with war. So Washington wasted no time in invading and attacking other countries from Panama (1989), to Iraq (1990), Serbia (1999), Afghanistan (2001), Iraq again (2003) and Libya (2011). That’s not even counting the small invasions and the many proxy and terrorist wars waged by the United States during this period, such as in Syria, starting in 2011, and in Ukraine with the coup that it helped to trigger in 2014.

Russia and the rest of the world, unable to counter the superior military power of the United States, largely rested and took this. But anger and resentment grew, because none of these wars were necessary or right. They were wars of choice, which the United States waged to protect what it saw as its economic and geopolitical interests, while disguising its actions as “humanitarian.” In general, they claimed that these interventions were necessary to protect the population of the target country from a “oppressive”, “brutal” Or “dictatorial” diet. While Americans have largely bought into such justifications, the rest of the world winces at the blatant absurdity.

In 2015, the Russian bear began to awaken once again, intervening in Syria to repel the brutal terrorist war against that country, which the United States actively encouraged and supported.

While the United States tries to pretend that the whole world is on its side to oppose Russia’s actions, in Ukraine that is simply not true, and American officials know it. “The worldonly supports the United States if one excludes Latin America, Asia and Africa. These regions, which are home to most of the world’s population, did not and do not support the Americans. Many countries in these regions are tired of the United States intervening in their backyards at will in the form of wars of aggression, coups and support for armed insurgents, and they were happy to see that someone one – namely Russia – finally retaliated. Meanwhile, even Saudi Arabia, a longtime ally and co-conspirator of the United States in its imperial machinations, broke ranks with the United States by refusing to increase oil supplies. He has also begun to engage with Iran, showing that the world is tired of Washington’s interference.

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The US government pretends it doesn’t see this, and much of the American public really doesn’t, demonstrating the pervasiveness of propaganda and its ability to stifle and obscure reality. This is again reminiscent of playwright Harold Pinter’s 2005 Nobel Prize speech in which he chastised the American imperium, which “supported and in many cases spawned all right-wing military dictatorships in the world after the end of World War II,” leading to “hundreds of thousands of deaths. But thanks to the power of propaganda,it never happened,said Pinter. “Even while it was happening, it wasn’t happening. America has exercised a rather clinical manipulation of power around the world while posing as a force for universal good,“something that Pinter describes as a”very successful act of hypnosis.

It is high time that the American people wake up to the crimes their country has committed and that the rest of the world is painfully aware of them and rebels accordingly. After acknowledging this, Americans could finally begin to hold their government accountable for its actions and demand that it stop opposing the world with unprovoked violence, and instead try to engage with others. nations on an equal footing to solve the pressing problems of poverty, disease and the environment. degradation. This is the only course of action that can save humanity.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.

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