Update HBOMax if you are an Apple TV user

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Apple TV users should update the HBOMax app now to fix some of the bugs introduced in last week’s update, but not all.

HBOMax version 5.30.1 was released on June 5 and replaced the native tvOS video player with a bespoke player that is causing problems for many Apple TV users. According to many articles online, the new custom player is slow, unresponsive, and doesn’t seem to work with the latest Siri remote.

Fortunately, the developers at HBOMax released an emergency patch on Tuesday that rolls the app back to the native tvOS video player and should fix playback issues and restore Siri Remote support, at least for some users.

How to update HBOMax on Apple TV

The hotfix should be downloaded and installed in the background for users who have automatic updates enabled on their Apple TV. You can also manually download the update by going to Settings> Applications, then select the HBOMax update.

If you removed HBOMax after adding the custom video player, you can download it again from the App Store to get the latest version with the native tvOS player.

There isuntil more bugs to fix

Installing the update appears to restore the proper playback controls, but that doesn’t resolve everything. Some users still cannot control HBOMax with the Siri Remote, and others report that new issues have appeared after the update, including:

  • Content thumbnails do not appear
  • Long charging times
  • Incorrect subtitles

There are reports of iOS and iPad users also experiencing similar problems. We have not found any workarounds for these persistent errors, but the HBOMax team is aware of this and is working on other fixes.

The official HBOMax Reddit account asks users to submit bug reports via this contact form on the HBOMax help page, or twet at @HBOMaxHelp on Twitter. A support representative will respond to you if they can help you resolve the issue, and your reports help developers identify issues that need to be addressed in future updates.

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