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Unvaccinated: the scathing response of the mayor of Lanvallay to Emmanuel Macron – Lanvallay

What could have motivated such a letter with strong, even insulting remarks about the President of the Republic?

It is a personal and spontaneous initiative. The effect of a combination of two strong elements against his method of stigmatization and this way of blowing on the embers. He (Editor’s note: Emmanuel Macron) digs into the divisions and permanently initiates them, with the exception of a few great speeches, which showed that we could not trust him, in particular on the “brilliant” future of the health system. . These speeches were intended to unite, but we cannot trust him, and dominate divisive remarks. The second aspect joins the first. And that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. It is not at all instead designed for a President of the Fifth Republic. The Republic is not made to have two prime ministers. He knows perfectly well what he is doing but he does not play his role.

In your letter, you explain that you are going on strike, concretely, how does this translate into your role as mayor?

First of all, I would like to say that I am, on a daily basis, and all year round, very invested in my role as mayor. Very invested in the realization of many municipal projects, in addition to the animation and the coordination of the team and the agents. The mayor is, in his municipality, elected representative of the inhabitants, and, at the same time, elected in charge of representing the State. At the departmental level, there is the president of the departmental council and the prefect. In a municipality, the mayor provides both. I used the word strike, symbolically, concerning this aspect of representing the State. And who says strike, says momentary movement. In the short term, there are few issues, those related to police power are rare. Little concrete application therefore; my idea was to show some discomfort at finding myself representing the state.

Why such a vehement tone in your mail?

That, I have to assume but, indeed, I bring precisions. First, it’s not symmetrical. He allows himself to do it towards millions of people, me, towards only one! So it was a way of returning the word to him, keep it to yourself.

My basic motivation points to the question of duty and citizenship

Beyond this form, what message did you want to convey?

The heart of the mail is something posed, argued, firm, – even if I have no weight – on the notion of duty. My basic motivation points to the question of duty and citizenship and there, it tickles! Around the duty, I am persuaded to do mine but he not his. This is the ultimate insult: you are not doing your duty, so I wonder if you are a citizen. I say modestly, on my small scale, I do my duty, without hesitation, you do not do yours. For example, the policy of closing hospital beds, until the abandonment of the public hospital service, it is serious… It is not doing its duty.

Are you an antivax activist?

No, not at all, I was categorized as anti-health pass, but I’m definitely not anti-vax. I had other vaccines, not the one against covid for reasons that belong to me. But what I want to denounce are absurdities concerning this sanitary pass; they reveal, for me, a form of quite absolute and quite terrible blindness of LREM parliamentarians.

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