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understaffed lifeguards



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France 3

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France 3 – T. Vyncke, E. Chevillard, Regional stations of France 3 – France 2

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There are not enough supervisors or lifeguards on the beaches. The situation is aggravated by the riots of recent days, which have mobilized many police officers. CRS in particular, are missing to monitor the beaches.

In recent days, swimming was not recommended on the entire Aquitaine coast, due to high risks of baïnes, natural pools that form on the beach and create currents that carry off. The lifeguards were therefore hard at work. “Often people say to themselves, there are no waves, so it’s a safe place, but in fact not at all, it’s where there is the most current, and where we are the most subject to being swept away“, explains Matteo Lencou, lifeguard at Cap Ferret (Gironde).

The situation is likely to get worse with Paris 2024

A season that starts strong, and it falls badly, because everywhere these lifeguards are understaffed. On some Normandy beaches, they are supported by firefighters, but it can’t last. “We have a multiplication of our interventions, an increasingly strong operational pressure, and which requires a strike force“, declares Lieutenant-Colonel Jean-Michel Lurton, chief of staff of the firefighters of the Channel. And impossible for the time being to call on the usual CRS, mobilized to contain the urban riots of the last few days.

Result: the supervised areas of beaches and lakes are often reduced, whether in area or opening hours. The situation is likely to get worse next year, when thousands of CRS and firefighters will be mobilized for Paris 2024.



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