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Ukraine wants to start official talks on the organization of the Winter Olympics, according to the International Olympic Committee.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said he would soon send officials to a meeting at the IOC headquarters in Switzerland.

He made this promise during the weekend visit of IOC President Thomas Bach to Kiev.

“The big dream is the Olympics in Ukraine,” said Zelenskyy. “And I really believe in it. I’m sure our great state deserves to host the Olympics.

“But in times like this, I always remember the words of the weightlifters and my dad, the master of the sport in weightlifting. They say, it’s still not easy to go and try to lift something. C It’s easy not to try to walk away. That’s what the weightlifters said. Therefore, we will definitely try the Olympics. ”

The next Winter Games available for bids are in 2030, although a new flexible Olympic bid process means countries don’t need to immediately specify where and when they hope to host the tournament.

The IOC has already detailed discussions with Salt Lake City, Utah, and Sapporo, Japan – the two previous hosts – as well as a Barcelona-Pyrenees project on the organization of the Winter Games from 2030 to 2038.

The IOC began to hold a “non-binding continuous dialogue” with potential candidates in order to reduce costs and create a more efficient process.

Brisbane was the first winner of the new auction style when it won the 2032 Summer Games in July. The Australian coastal city did not face a formal adversary in a vote of IOC members, or a referendum of local voters and the quick allocation left the other cities out.

Ukraine was briefly involved in the 2022 Winter Games bid, but withdrew in 2014 due to political and security unrest amid conflict with neighboring Russia.


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