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UFO sightings spark issue from a lot more than just conspiracy theorists

When Daniel Drezner wrote about UFOs in 2019, he concerned the column could tank his believability, the two as a professor of worldwide politics and as a columnist.

But he said the evidence had been mounting for awhile. Among the most putting: A movie showing a Navy fighter jet locking on to a mysterious concentrate on streaking across the sky as a pilot incredulously asks “What is that, guy?”

The video clip is authentic, the Navy has stated with no offering an clarification.

That online video helped prompt Drezner to join an progressively mainstream team of academics, journalists, intelligence officers and politicians who say acknowledging UFOs exist will not suggest embracing conspiracy theories or even believing in extraterrestrial life.

Though UFOs are typically synonymous with aliens in pop society, those who research the phenomenon say UFOs should be comprehended by their literal name: unidentified traveling objects. When determined, they may perhaps have a mundane clarification — climate balloons, drones or the earth Venus.

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