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European football’s governing body said on Thursday it was doubling the cash prizes of the upcoming EURO 2022 women’s football championship – but less than 5% of what men earn remains.

UEFA has said the 16 teams that qualify for next year’s tournament in England will share a total of € 16m, double the pot available in the last edition in 2017. The amount each team will receive will be based on its performance in the competition.

In the meantime, a club benefits program will be put in place for the first time, making 4.5 million euros available to clubs who release their players for the competition.

“The increase in financial distributions and the introduction of a club benefits program are key strategic initiatives in UEFA’s women’s football strategy – TimeForAction, ensuring that more money than ever is distributed in women’s football, “the organization said in a statement.

The 24 men’s teams that took part in this summer’s EURO shared a cash pot of 371 million euros. Italy, which won the trophy, also took home 34 million euros, more than double what the women’s teams will share.

The clubs which released their players for the event received around 200 million euros.

UEFA also announced new solidarity payments for men’s club competitions to ensure “greater financial solidarity to a wider range of clubs that do not participate in UEFA club competitions for the 2021-2024 cycle. “.

This includes an increased share for all non-best associations (England, Spain, Germany, Italy and France) and a reduced gap between associations with and without clubs participating in the UEFA Champions League group stage.

UEFA expects around € 175m to be made available to non-participating clubs, up from € 130m for the 2018-2021 cycle.


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