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Tyson Fury asks Francis Ngannou to pull out his ‘corey’ in rude joke at press conference


Tyson Fury looked as charismatic as ever in the press conference ahead of his fight with Francis Ngannou, even if he got a bit rude at times.

After the usual procedures for talking to promoters and managers were over, Fury took to the mic and was just as entertaining as ever.


Fury jokingly told Ngannou to bring his ‘corey’ up on stage
Tyson Fury asks Francis Ngannou to pull out his ‘corey’ in rude joke at press conference


As the Cameroonian smiled but unsurprisingly did not oblige

“You’re a beautiful ab**** son,” Fury said, standing up to start his speech and pointing to the poster of himself behind him.

Fury went on to give Ngannou credit for taking the fight, saying, “Everyone said he was an idiot to leave the UFC and now he’s a genius, he’s going to make 10 million. bucks!”

And the compliments continued as Fury said: “He’s a handsome boy, I like him.

Although there was a touch of immaturity in Fury’s subsequent comments, he said, “He (Ngannou) probably has a big core.”

“The Gypsy King” then jokingly chanted, “Get him out! Get him out,” as Ngannou smiled and the room erupted in laughter.

Fury then took on a more serious tone as he admitted he wasn’t neglecting Ngannou and was in a 12-week training camp for this fight, despite only having it for six weeks. ahead of his final clash with Deontay Wilder.

“There’s more to do than ever before,” Fury said, while promising he’d be the best he’s ever been in this fight.

But Fury’s serious tone didn’t last long, as he told Ngannou, “If you win, I’ll walk across the ring, shake your hand and take you out for a beer.”

Fury suddenly remembers that the Cameroonian doesn’t drink and adds: ‘Without alcohol of course.

As for Ngannou, he described the fight as the fulfillment of a dream, not just of boxing, but of fighting the man “on top of the mountain”.

Much has been made of Ngannou’s devastating power in the build-up to this fight, but it’s no use if he can’t throw a punch.

So, he revealed he was working with his trainer, boxing legend Mike Tyson, on his ‘delivery system’ to figure out how he was going to catch Fury with a hard shot.

Ngannou also brought up the fact that he is coached by Tyson, admitting that if Fury fought someone else then ‘Iron Mike’ would support him, but the Cameroonian jokingly added: ‘he loves me more than you “.

Fury and Ngannou face off in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on October 28 in the ‘Battle of the Baddest’.