Two people found dead in the Nantes area – France

Around 1 a.m. last night in Saint-Herblain, rue de l’Angevinière, firefighters intervened to rescue a man lying on the public road. The victim was declared dead “visibly following an attack with a knife”, indicated the departmental fire and rescue service. Found at the foot of the Sillon de Bretagne, a large public housing building, the man was injured in the abdomen by stab wounds, according to the police. He had no ID with him but is believed to be between 20 and 25 years old.

The police had been called earlier for a brawl in the same neighborhood, without knowing if there is a link between the two events. The prosecution said it had opened an investigation for murder in this case. The judicial police were seized of the investigation.

“Suspicious death”

Also last night, at 4 am, rue de Gigant in Nantes, firefighters again intervened for “a 42-year-old man lying inanimate and lying”, then declared dead. The victim was found in the hallway of a building, near a garbage room. Police reported a “suspicious death” in the absence of witnesses. The prosecution has opened an investigation into the causes of death. An autopsy is due on Tuesday. Police officers from the departmental security were seized of the investigation.

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