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Trump’s “de-platformization”: towards a web guerrilla?

Banned from Twitter, suspended on Facebook or Instagram, silenced radio on YouTube: it is a “de-platformed” 45th President of the United States who is approaching his last days in the White House. Major American social media have kicked Donald Trump out of the web after the invasion of the Capitol on January 6. They leave one question unanswered: who has the right to regulate freedom of expression online?

If you don’t go to CES, CES will come to you. It is a bit of the watchword of the year since the great mass of electronics has also had to reinvent itself in digital. Unsurprisingly, the objects there are still so smart and try to adapt to everyday life in times of pandemic. Reportage.

Ideas are bubbling up to find anti-Covid solutions. This is also the theme of the Africa RFI-France 24 Challenge App. The 5e edition is in full swing. Nearly 1,000 innovators and entrepreneurs from Francophone Africa have sent in their digital service projects to fight epidemics.

The jury has just selected 10 finalists. Candidates from Algeria, Guinea or Benin, who continue the adventure. The key: an endowment of 15,000 euros for the finalist! A challenge that could not exist without partners. Engie is one of them. How to reinvent the relationship between large groups and start-ups in terms of innovation? How to combine energy and health? We talk about it with Carole Henry, Innovation Director of Engie Africa.

Finally in Test24, we play 20,000 drones under the sea. These devices are made underwater to collect valuable data. Example with iXBlue: this military model is capable of navigating for 10 days in rough seas in order to spot enemy submarines. But it can also detect marine obstacles and carry out humanitarian missions.