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On the 20th anniversary of September 11, President Joe Biden visits the three sites affected by the terrorist attacks. Former Presidents Barack Obama and George W Bush paid tribute to the victims of Ground Zero in New York and the Pennsylvania field where Flight 93 crashed, respectively.

Former President Donald Trump will be in Florida to attend a boxing match at the Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood. Mr Trump is lined up as a ringside commentator at the event featuring David Haye and Evander Holyfield, as well as his son Donald Trump Jr.

Some 2,996 people died on September 11, 2001 when four commercial planes were hijacked by terrorists, making it the deadliest terrorist attack on American soil.

Mr. Trump’s plans to spend the dark anniversary at a boxing match have been met with disgust and resignation.

“It sounds like a parody of the sort of thing Donald Trump would do, but it is perfectly fitting for this disgraced ex-president, essentially exiled from polite society, to spend this solemn occasion making boxing à la carte comments,” Chris Hayes, MSNBC presenter, said on his show.

Mr Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, who has long publicly criticized her uncle, told CNN’s Anderson Cooper she found his decision “shameful.”

“Does it surprise you even at its low level?” Mr. Cooper asked Ms. Trump. “If another former president decided to spend 9/11 commenting on a pay-per-view boxing match, people… their heads would explode. “

“This has been the problem from the start,” she replied. “For reasons that are very difficult to understand. There is a completely different standard that Donald held to. In fact, he is not held to any standard.

“It’s shameful,” she added.

On social media, people weren’t impressed with Mr. Trump’s plans either.

“Commenting on previously unreleased boxing matches seems like exactly the sort of thing Donald Trump would do in a world where he DID NOT become president,” one Twitter user wrote. Alex mcclintock. Another individual, Jordan elgott, commented: “We live in an amazing world.

Pierre Dominique added, “Trump is recounting a 9/11 fight, which is good because we’d rather not have his 9/11 commentary.”

Mr Trump was due to visit the 9/11 memorial in New York on Saturday, but instead paid a brief visit to New York City Police Department officers in the 17th District, where he hinted he would run again in new in 2024.

He is also expected to deliver a video address to the Adore us event on the National Mall in Washington DC.

This story has been updated to reflect Mr. Trump’s timeline

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