Trump speaks on Twitter where he no longer has an account

In a speech posted on the White House Twitter account, Donald Trump reiterated that he did not endorse the recent episode on Capitol Hill. He also spoke out on likely upcoming protests as well as censorship.

Barely a week after the final suspension of his Twitter account, Donald Trump spoke to users of the platform through a five-minute video posted on the evening of January 13 on the White House account.

Contrasting with the traditional fervor of the 45th President of the United States on the social network, where he had nearly 90 million subscribers, this latest publication contains no teaser text.

None of my true supporters can condone violence

“I want to be clear, I unequivocally condemn the violence that we saw last week […] None of my true supporters can condone violence [ni] lack of respect for the application of the law, otherwise you would attack our movement and our country ”, declared Donald Trump in particular during his speech in which he makes no allusion to“ theft of elections ”that he does not has stopped denouncing in recent months.

“I was briefed by the American secret services”

Referring to probable future protests across the country, the 45th President of the United States said he had been “briefed by the American secret service on potential threats”: “All Americans deserve to be heard in the context of peaceful and respectful initiatives. […] There must be neither violence, nor violation of the law, nor vandalism, ”declared Donald Trump, explaining having asked the federal police to use all the means necessary to maintain order, and specifying that they mobilized several thousand personnel of the National Guard to “secure the capital and ensure that the transition takes place in all serenity”.

Finally, the outgoing president also spoke on freedom of expression in his country, referring in particular to recent censorship policies on social networks.

“Initiatives to censor or blacklist our citizens are bad and dangerous […] We must listen to each other, we must not silence each other, ”he said.

During the recent episode on Capitol Hill, Donald Trump posted a video calling on people there to return home but the post, also containing allegations of alleged massive electoral fraud, was quickly deleted by Twitter.

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