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Trump says vaccine warrants ‘shouldn’t be necessary’, berates Democrats for ‘denigrating’ current Covid jabs under his presidency

Although Republicans are often blamed for the delay in vaccination rates against Covid-19, former President Donald Trump blames Democrats like Kamala Harris for any hesitation, for “denigrating” vaccines while he was president.

Trump made it clear this week in an interview with Fox News that he believes Democrats have only themselves to blame for failing to meet their vaccination goals, saying the mandate recently announced by the President Joe Biden for companies with more than 100 employees “shouldn’t be necessary.”

Vaccination rates in Republican-prone states have generally been lower than others, and polls have shown Democrats much more willing to get vaccinated, but Trump says it’s the Democrats in the current administration. that turned vaccines into a partisan issue.

“Of course, they said, if Trump proposed it, I will never take it”, he said, referring to comments from several Democrats, including current Vice President Kamala Harris, questioning the vaccines’ connection to Trump when they were first developed as part of his operation Warp Speed.

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Harris specifically said in October last year that she would take a coronavirus vaccine if promoted by Dr Anthony Fauci or other health officials, but not if Trump was the only one pushing it.

“If Dr Fauci, the doctors, tell us we should take it, I’ll be the first to take it”, she said. “But if Donald Trump tells us we should take it, I won’t take it.”

“If you remember, when I was president there were literally lines of people who wanted to take it”, said the Republican. “Now you have a different situation, and it is very bad.”

It’s a “lack of confidence” to Biden and the current administration that keeps some from getting bitten, Trump added.

When announcing his new tenure – which already faces many potential legal challenges – Biden became visibly frustrated with the unvaccinated and said the administration’s patience was “wear thin.”

“They denigrated the vaccine, and now they wonder why people don’t want to take it? Trump said in response to Biden’s comments. “It’s a shame.”

Some critics have called on Trump, who is himself vaccinated, to do more to promote jabs, although he has already promoted them as safe. At a recent rally in Alabama, the Republican was even booed by crowds of his own supporters when he advocated getting the shot.

Despite concerns from health officials about the unvaccinated, more than 75% of American adults have received at least one dose of a vaccine, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and nearly 65% are fully vaccinated.

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