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Trump predicts America ‘will end’ in three years in rambling interview

Former President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that the United States would end within the next three years, without explaining what that might mean in practice.

The United States “has really gone downhill over the past eight months like no one has seen it before,” said Mr. Trump during an appearance on Sean Spicer’s show on Conservative News Channel Newsmax.

“[If we] go to these upcoming elections in ’22 and ’24, we are not going to have any more countries, “he said, falsely claiming that the 2020 elections” have been rigged “and” we will have no more country in three years ”.

Immediately after this statement, Spicer, who was the former president’s press secretary, hastily ended the interview: “You have been very generous with your time, thank you for that.”

Newsmax faces a $ 1.6 billion libel lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems for allegedly spreading misinformation about fraud involving the company’s voting machines in the 2020 presidential election. Newsmax a defended its coverage, saying the network “was content to report allegations made by well-known public figures”.

In recent months, Mr. Trump has aggressively criticized President Joe Biden for withdrawing US troops from Afghanistan. He continued to attack Mr. Biden on Tuesday.

“He [Biden] was going to be the great unifier … He is not a unifier, on the contrary, he is worse than Obama. Of course, according to many, Obama is probably running the government now, ”Mr. Trump said.

Mr. Trump is reportedly aspiring to run for president again in 2024. Although he hasn’t made an official announcement, he left the door open to a presidential race through crowdfunding and rallies, and left hear repeatedly that the only reason he wasn’t advertising already is because of campaign finance rules.

In an interview with the Washington Examiner in August, Spicer claimed Trump would run for office again. “A few months ago, I wasn’t sure. Now there has to be something that will keep him away, ”he said.

Hinting at this, Spicer said: “Mr. Biden has sought to kick off 11 of your service academy appointments, including my appointment to the US Naval Academy. If you run for president again and win, with the exception of statutory advice, would you kick off every Biden presidential nomination? “

The former president replied that he could “because what he [Mr Biden] fact is unprecedented ”.

“We have great people on the boards, to throw them out – this has never happened before,” Mr. Trump said. “They [the Biden administration] are vicious people, that’s what they’re good for. They use prosecutors everywhere, local prosecutors, federal prosecutors and yet Hunter Biden [Joe Biden’s second son] it’s good.”

He added, “What they’re doing is horrible, they’re great people, including you Sean. It’s very disrespectful to our country.

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