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Former Trump official Steve Bannon will be charged with criminal contempt of Congress, much to the glee of his critics, after refusing to comply with a January 6 House committee order.

Bannon’s lawyer had previously announced that his client was not going to comply with the order, one of the few people sent to Trump’s key allies during the Jan.6 riot on Capitol Hill.

Committee chairman Bennie Thompson (D-Mississippi) announced the prosecution of a criminal contempt charge Thursday morning, adding that the committee denies that Bannon “wave” executive privilege defenses.

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“Sir. Bannon refused to cooperate with the select committee and instead hides behind the insufficient, general and vague statements of the former president regarding the privileges he claimed to invoke. We reject his position entirely,” Thompson said.

The committee will meet on Tuesday to discuss “Adoption of a contempt report”.

“The select committee will use all the tools at its disposal to obtain the information it seeks, and witnesses who try to block the select committee will not succeed,” he added. Thompson said.

An update was provided by a committee assistant on other people who have been subpoenaed and whose appearances have been delayed.

Bannon’s lawyer is said to have explained in a communication with the committee that his client honors the “Executive privilege”.

“We must accept his leadership and honor his invocation of executive privilege”, he said.

While Bannon’s plans were clear from the start, that hasn’t stopped his critics on social media from happily celebrating the thought of the controversial conservative facing legal repercussions – he could face up to a year in prison. and a fine of $ 10,000 for a criminal contempt charge, although this is highly unlikely and any contempt charge will likely be used more as an inducement to cooperate.

Committee member Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Maryland) promised Bannon would face “all the force of the law for the sly contempt he shows Congress.”

Trump encouraged non-cooperation with the committee, which he lambasted as a partisan effort to keep the conversation going on Jan.6. He has repeatedly asked the committee to instead investigate the 2020 presidential election, which it continues to maintain as fraudulent.

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