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TRUE OR FAKE.  Does the import of Ukrainian chickens affect the French agricultural market?



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TRUE OR FAKE.  Does the import of Ukrainian chickens affect the French agricultural market?

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france info – A. Crouts, C. Rocca

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For more than a year, Ukrainian poultry has been exempt from import duties in Europe. Do these imports harm the French poultry sector? Response elements.

In 2022, Europe lifted import duties on Ukrainian products, including poultry. The goal is laudable: support the country’s economy in times of war. This measure was recently extended until 2024. Consequently, imports of Ukrainian chicken into the European Union have exploded by more than 127% on the meat fresh compared to last year. Part of this poultry arrives in France in the form of ready meals. This situation worries French breeders, including Jean-Michel Schaeffer, the president of the meat poultry interprofession.

Focus on the market leader

Are these chicken imports really benefiting the Ukrainian people? The king of chicken in Ukraine is Yuriy KosiukCEO of MHP. On its own, it represents more than 80% Ukrainian chicken coming to Europe. This chicken empire was born in the 90s. Jean-Jacques Hervé, former agricultural adviser for Ukraine, explains: “He’s a man who knows what he wants. He seized on this movement of interest in the production of poultry.” The company, located in Cyprus and listed on the London Stock Exchange, has a turnover of more than 1.8 billion dollars on its chicken business in 2022.

The Ukrainian businessman does not seem to want to stop there. “Their goal is to grow to 500,000 hectares soon. (…) The 8 million Ukrainian farmers live in extreme distress”Frederique analysis Mousseauthe director of the American think tank Oakland Institute. The rise of Yuriy Kosiuk would even have been favored by political support.

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