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Trudeau-style multiculturalism, a royal road for riots!


We can believe that France is far away and that the violence that shakes it does not suit our mores. However, this violence is based on a social organization comparable to ours.

The multiculturalism praised by Justin Trudeau generates a communitarianism that leads to misunderstandings between the founding peoples and the newcomers. For lack of social diversity and the quest for equality, we already feel in Quebec the tensions in certain neighborhoods with a violence that sometimes turns out to be fatal.

By maintaining fear of newcomers, inadvertently called foreigners, we open the door to hatred and more radicalism.

A clear identity

For more than twenty years, sociologists and French politicians have asserted that the social pact needs to be redefined in their country. However, they seem unable to do so. This is why, in recent years, we have seen multiple crises in the suburbs.

The postnational state, advocated by Justin Trudeau, does not hold water. This is the case everywhere in the West.

The Quebec nation, at least what is left of it, occupies a territory which is characterized by its language and its culture, which is based on solidarity and which is based on secularism.

The newcomer must be aware of his characteristics and adhere to them. If unable to do so, he has only to choose another land of adoption.

The Government of Quebec must put an end to the confusion caused by multiculturalism and be bold in locating immigrants in our territory.


Immigration is necessary and it is intolerable to treat newcomers as second-class citizens.

Decent living conditions must be accessible to all and it is up to the State to ensure this.

Let’s not wait to experience French-style riots to act.



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