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OTTAWA – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau plans to be sworn in in his new cabinet on October 25 or 26, with the final decision yet to be made, according to a senior government source.

In choosing his first bench, Trudeau will seek to balance gender and regional representation. In doing so, the Prime Minister is expected to add new faces to his ministerial list after the Liberals’ minority victory on September 20.

“I will be looking, as I always do, to make sure there is a good regional spread, that there is a range of skills and diversity around the table,” Trudeau told reporters in September.

During the campaign, Trudeau did not ask if he had a specific target for the representation of blacks, Aboriginals and people of color in his cabinet.

Since the election, speculation has abounded in Ottawa about who could be promoted to Cabinet and which current ministers could end up demoted.

Trudeau once asked Chrystia Freeland to remain deputy prime minister and finance minister, which she agreed to. When he announced this last month, the PM said he would have conversations with the rest of his desired ministerial list in the coming weeks.

While his current ministers continue to hold onto their titles unless reassigned, Trudeau has vacancies left vacant by ministers who have been defeated or failed to run again, and new MPs arriving. at the post with skills and experience that could be useful.

The time of the reshuffle will see the ceremony take place at Rideau Hall just after Governor General Mary May Simon returned from a state visit to Germany that took place between October 17 and 21, and before Trudeau was travels at the end of the month to attend the G20 Summit in Italy and then the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Scotland.

Trudeau had already pledged to bring Parliament back “before the end of the fall”.

With files from Joyce Napier, CTV Ottawa bureau chief


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