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A sentence from the environmentalist mayor of Poitiers, Léonore Moncond’huy, pronounced Monday, March 29 in city council, caused amazement and consternation in aeronautical circles (because they are diverse) and beyond. This sentence justified the removal of a subsidy to a local flying club, which had notably hosted the operation of the “Rêves de Gosses” association aimed at offering flights to children with disabilities.

To her opponent, the mayor declared: “I believe that you do not realize… the dreams which we must preserve the children today… The air, it is sad, but it must not be part of the dreams anymore. of children… ”

This decision would be anecdotal – finally, which would deny that one can very well live without ever piloting a private plane – if it did not reveal much deeper and worrying trends. First of all, which consists of sliding from the political field to the moral field, from the public to the private. With an indisputable and alarming scientific finding – global warming -, we mix all the suspects in the same bag, indiscriminately, we make them presumed culprits, and we enact what is good and what is bad. To arrive, at the end of the day, to state what is a good or a bad childhood dream … The other tendency, then, which is to demand of others, those who “have not yet understood the seriousness of the situation ”, an immediate break in their behavior and uses, in defiance of the very idea of ​​transition. Such thought processes apply to many subjects, such as the transformation of the Breton agricultural model for example …

The aerial is targeted, because it is an easy target

These temptations, which the history books identify at the dawn of all totalitarian utopias, are spreading. The aerial is targeted, because it is an easy target. An airplane can be heard and noticed; it makes you dream, precisely. Computer servers are hidden and silent; as for merchant ships, they burn their heavy fuel oil far from the coast …

The characteristic of a transition is to be progressive. It takes time and consistency. To claim that it is now necessary to ban the plane from a childhood dream reveals both a total ignorance of the aerial subject, but also a conception of public action where immediate punishment and ostracism have replaced pedagogy and the long-term view.

The flying clubs of France train pilots, those who perhaps one day will make medical evacuations of patients or space travel; they train citizens who will have learned at a very young age (with, for example, the Aeronautical Initiation Certificate) responsibility and risk management. They train engineers who, tomorrow, will make renewable energies and soft mobility triumph.

Needless to say that aviation has also inspired the dreams of many young girls called Raymonde de Laroche, Adrienne Bolland, Bessie Coleman, Amelia Earhart, Hélène Boucher, Jacqueline Auriol … and a thousand other pioneers whose victories were those of feminism as much as air sports?

The French Aeronautical Federation has resolutely initiated this transition process for several years. The electric aircraft in flying clubs is now a reality and it is from these first demonstrators that the techniques will develop in favor of cleaner engines. More and more, the flying clubs are leading actions to make aerodromes places preserved for biodiversity …
Ladies and Gentlemen, the elect, please leave their dreams of little princes to the children, whoever they may be. Rather, accompany on the path of transition, without excluding or punishing, men and women of good will.

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