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For him, the “Genius” of the artist makes it possible to justify everything, to forgive everything. “Look at how much we give to the world”, liked to say R. Kelly, according to one of the alleged victims who testified, Thursday, August 26, during the trial in New York of the American singer of 54 years, tried for extortion, sexual exploitation of underage, kidnapping, corruption and forced labor, over a period from 1994 to 2018

Stephanie, who said she had a relationship with the fallen R’n’B star for six months when she was 17, recounted a conversation in which R. Kelly reportedly expressed her preference for ” Girls “, and wondered why “People made a big deal out of it”.

“Look at Jerry Lee Lewis”, the singer reportedly said, referring to the rock’n’roll pioneer who caused a scandal by marrying his 13-year-old cousin in the 1950s. “He’s a genius and I am a genius. We should be able to do whatever we want “, R. Kelly would have said.

“Humiliating” relationships

Stephanie, now 39, is the third woman to speak out in federal court in Brooklyn, New York, to charge Robert Kelly. The singer, known for his hit I Believe I Can Fly, and who faces life imprisonment, denies the charges.

Stephanie had met him at a McDonald’s in Chicago, Illinois, where one of R. Kelly’s associates had given her her number on a piece of paper. She had thrown it away and hadn’t thought about it until the following year, when a promotional event for the singer was held near the girl’s work. She then approached him, believing that he could help an acquaintance who was hoping to make a career in singing.

The hoped-for help never materialized, but Stephanie and R. Kelly had started having sex, with the star not raising the girl’s age when she told him she was only 17, according to his testimony.

These sexual relations were “Humiliating”, said Stephanie by describing in a crude way the requests of her partner, and explaining that he regularly filmed their antics. The singer allegedly forced her to give him a blowjob in a car, while other people were present, she said, and he allegedly left her alone and naked in a room for hours on end. “He could make me fear the worst very quickly”, she said.

Abortion and forced sex with another man

Stephanie, who said she had been sexually abused in the past at home and at the hands of a former boss, said she had sex with R. Kelly because she hadn’t “Not the impression of having a choice”. Around his eighteenth birthday, she would have decided to stop seeing him, feeling “Used, humiliated and degraded”. “I just didn’t want to be abused anymore. “

This woman’s testimony is added to the many others heard since the start of the singer’s trial. On Monday and Tuesday, an accuser said R. Kelly sexually assaulted her on her tour bus and in hotel rooms when she was still a 17-year-old high school student. While she had hidden her age from him, the young woman said she was struck when she confessed the truth to him, but that the singer then continued to date her.

Forced to undergo scatological punishments, she also claimed to have been forced to have an abortion in 2017 after R. Kelly told her he was not ready to have a child with her. The young woman also reported that the singer forced her to have sex with a man surnamed ” nephew “, while he watched the scene.

Le Monde with AFP and AP