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Transport: will first class in the TGV disappear?




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Transport: will first class in the TGV disappear?

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“Business class” no longer appeals to SNCF users. So, is first class in the TGV living its last hours? Response elements.

In a TGV in “first”, there are not many people. The rows of seats are empty during rush hour. So, is “business class” doomed? HAS 5:30 p.m. has Gare Montparnasse (Paris), it’s the end of the meetings. Some employees go home by TGV, and in second class.It’s my company policy“says a man. In second class, the TGV is full. That day, 77% seats are occupied, against 56% first”.

Towards an abolition of the first class?

HAS On board, there are professionals, but with teleworking and videoconferencing, they travel less. The “first” is shunned, sometimes even suppressed. At the station of Chateau-du-Loire (Sarthe)the “first” is removed during peak hours. The operation saves 10% additional seats. But for usersthe train remains too often crowded.

So, is “business class” over? Not really… With its new first armchairs class, the company hopes to win back professional travellers. In addition, the TGV of the future will be modular. Cars may be added.