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Transport: Orly airport disrupted by a baggage delivery failure



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France 2 – A.Peyrout, S.Cardon, A.Brignoli, F.Depaquit, A.Crunchant, PH.Goldmann

France Televisions

At terminal 4 at Orly airport, the failure of the baggage handling system wreaked havoc all day Thursday, August 3. As a result: cascading delays.

At Orly airport, the crowd is compact and confused. Since the morning of August 3, the luggage has been piling up in the hall. A breakdown paralyzes the carpet of terminal 4. Result : long queues, and delays of up to four hours. Passengers are losing patience. We are not informed, we are hungry, there is no food, no water. It is not normal“, worries one of them.

10,000 passengers affected

40 flights, mainly to Africa and the Overseas Territories, and their 10,000 passengers, are concerned. Suitcases pile up to be transported by hand and then by minibus on the tarmac. All the personnel are requisitioned, sometimes since dawn. Some planes took off without baggage, which will be delivered later. It depends on the flights and the companies and what they can do, we work with them to enable redirect faster”explains Bertrand Sirvencommunications director of the ADP group. Unprecedented, this breakdown worries less than a year from the Olympic Games.



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