Tony La Russa says Yermin Mercedes’ home run was a “mistake”; Mercedes does not agree

Managers are certainly known to express their frustrations with home runs in certain situations or with a certain flair.

White Sox manager Tony La Russa went further. Instead of complaining about an opposing team’s home run, he focused his disappointment on a player from his own team.

This player, designated hitter Yermin Mercedes, clearly thinks he hasn’t done anything wrong.

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The White Sox were rolling the Twins, and as is often the case with a blowout, the Twins turned to a positional player to pitch and brought out Willians Astudillo. The Twins utility player got the first two strikeouts but ended up in a 3-0 tally against Mercedes and threw a 47.1 mph throw over the plate. Astudillo did not miss it.

According to Statcast, the ball rolled over at 109.3 mph and sailed 429 feet centrally for a home run without a doubt.

It was a no-no to La Russa. ESPN’s Jesse Rogers reports that, during a Zoom call with the media, La Russa said he was “upset” by the swing on the 3-0 account and noted that he had apologized to the players. Twins that Mercedes had ignored the take sign.

La Russa attempted to explain the error by saying Mercedes was just a rookie and “ignorant,” Rogers reported.

He even went so far as to say that in a perfect world he would send three home pitchers to hit when a positional player is on the mound and added a weird idea of ​​punishment.

Mercedes clearly wasn’t going to have any of these. He said he was just having fun and was going to play like this, according to 670 The Score reporter Chris Emma.

Several other MLB players have weighed in on the controversy, with Giants pitcher Alex Wood and Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer both on the Mercedes side.

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