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Tony Blair sees hope in Muslim world in fight against fanaticism

He argued that the fanatic forces behind the murderous attacks of 2001 were the continuation of a historic trend among violent factions that politicized Islam.

“Ideology is an ideology based on religious conviction. It is vast in the sense that it has a global footprint. It’s in many parts of the world. It has developed over a long period, and in its most radical form, it espouses that violent jihadism that justifies the killing of people, Muslims who disagree with them, those of us who live under. different systems.

But he made it clear that it was not religion itself that was at fault. And Blair has also said he sees hope in the challenges facing Islamist activists in the Muslim world.

“The vast majority of those Muslims who lost their lives were killed by other Muslims,” he said, “and that is part of the tragedy. Now, as I always tell people, there is good news in all of this, because there is a real retaliation within the Muslim world. “

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