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Tony Bellew passionately defends Oleksandr Usyk after Daniel Dubois controversy and accuses Brit of ‘spitting him out’


Tony Bellew has made his position on the Oleksandr Usyk vs. Daniel Dubois fight controversy very clear.

Usyk knocked out Dubois in the ninth round, but the Brit believes he was ‘cheated’ into becoming a unified world heavyweight champion.


There was huge controversy over whether or not Dubois’ body shot attempt was weak.
And Bellew insists it was an illegal punch.


And Bellew insists it was an illegal punch.Credit: Getty

There was controversy in the fifth round, when Dubois dropped Usyk with a shot that was ruled a low kick by the referee and the Ukrainian therefore had over three minutes to recover.

But Dubois and his team think it was a legal punch: if it had been judged as such, then he would have won the fight.

That’s not a view shared by Tony Bellew, however, who tweeted a photo showing the waistband of Usyk’s shorts below his navel, otherwise known as his navel, where the shot landed.

“Anything below naval is classified as weak in boxing!” Bellew said.

Daniel Dubois says he was
Major controversy as Daniel Dubois is 'robbed' after 'knocking out' Oleksandr Usyk

“That’s not my opinion, that’s a FACT! Those are the rules!

“Your shorts shouldn’t cover your naval armor if they do, the belt can get hit! This picture is worth a thousand words!”

The Liverpudlien then accused Dubois of giving up the fight.

This is something Dubois was also accused of when he fought Joe Joyce in 2020.

On that occasion, Dubois was stopped in the tenth lap after taking a knee and missing the count due to a broken orbital injury.

“Spit it once and you’ll spit it again, that’s another fact too!” Bellew said.



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