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To wish a happy new year 2021, Lallement quotes a martial extract from Trotsky – RT in French

Didier Lallement allows himself a new media release by post by wishing his best wishes for 2021 in a way that some might consider singular: he quotes very martial words from Léon Troski.

In his official letter of greetings 2021, the Paris police prefect obviously wanted to bring a personal touch … by exhuming a few good words from the year 1918, originally written by one of the leading figures of Soviet revolutionary thought, Léon Troski : “I am deeply convinced, and the crows may croak, that we will create by our common efforts the necessary order. Just know and remember that without it bankruptcy and shipwreck are inevitable. “

“Ravens”, “bankruptcy” and “shipwreck”, opposed to “common efforts” and “necessary order” … Didier Lallement struck again by quoting the first volume of Military writings of the founder of the Red Army.

The Parisian specifies that this letter celebrating the transition to the year 2021 is intended for official contacts of the prefect, journalists, elected officials and other institutions.

In the past, the master of Ile de la Cité has already hit the headlines for his abrupt method and his media escapades, especially in the face of yellow vests or the victims of Covid-19, which have earned him the recurring reputation of being “On the spot”, but without this however translating into a disavowal on the part of the government.

Didier Lallement, previously known for his firm line in Bordeaux, had promptly replaced Michel Delpuech as the Paris police prefect after an episode of violence particularly publicized on the sidelines of a demonstration of yellow vests in March 2019.