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TK Reveal Season 20 Episode 8


Peter Cappio and the childish drama FP

Peter Cappio on 'The Bachelorette' "men say it all" special
Photo: ABC

As Sean was responding to the comments, a contestant named Peter Cappio — who you might not remember because he was eliminated Night 1 — stepped in and caused quite a stir. “Who the hell are you? Caleb B. questioned, and when Peter introduced himself, Caleb yelled, “You’re the guy!” He’s back!” Jesse quickly changed the subject from Sean to a BTS Peter drama that secretly unfolded in full view of Bachelor Nation at the start of the season.

Although he didn’t have any drama on the show, Peter explained, “When the season ended, we had a Zoom casting call (and) 15 or 16 of the guys, at the end of their headshots, put the initials “FP” at the end of their message. Brayden was actually man enough to come up to me and tell me what it meant, and what it meant was “F*** Peter The pilot, with 15,500 Instagram followers, said he was “confused and ultimately quite upset” when he learned that these guys he barely knew had put the passcode on Instagram, and he said to Palmer that he had no idea he was rubbing someone the wrong way.

Xavier turned to Peter and apologized, saying, “Before we go any further, we shouldn’t have done that. It was a bad game. It was just an inside joke. No one would have known it was against Peter if (Brayden) hadn’t shared it. Jesse took out two Instagram posts (from Sean and Aaron B.) that included “FP” at the end of the captions, and when Peter asked why the guys did it, Aaron S. said, “Because you’re a bitch, that’s what you are.”

“It’s basically because you said FU to every guy who tried to talk to you,” Caleb B. said. Even John spoke up saying “the very first night you sat next to me , and you look at the camera, and you look at me, you open up your body, make sure the camera puts you in the right angle and you go, ‘So who do you think is here for the wrong reasons?’ And I’m like, ‘I don’t know, maybe you.’ »

Aaron S. claimed Peter was the first on the Zoom call after everyone went home and asked about sponsorship deals when he was on the show ‘for five seconds’ . He said: “I remember you laughing and saying, ‘Thank you for putting me on the map. I’m going to make a t-shirt out of it. Then the next night, you used that as a platform for a pity party. I have no respect for that, man. Peter claimed he’s never made shirts, but it’s clear there’s a lot about that joke that went wrong that we still don’t know.



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