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TikToker Elyse Myers gives birth and welcomes baby #2


Serena Williams welcomes her second baby

Elyse Myers has a new bundle of joy, and no, it’s not 100 Taco Bell tacos.

The actress and her husband Jonas Myers—who are also parents of a 2-year-old son August– have officially welcomed baby number two. Elyse confirmed the family’s latest addition on social media, sharing photos with their baby boy and captioning the September 13 post: “We love you so much, Olivier“.

As for Jonas, he simply gushed about his wife and sons in the comments. “Elyse is a superhero,” he wrote, “Oliver is the breath of life, August is a legend who can’t wait to meet him, and I’m excited for all the Team Meyers sunsets .”

THE funny because it’s true The podcast host, who rose to fame on TikTok thanks to her honest and always hilarious storytelling, first shared that she and Jonas were expecting in February with an unforgettable Office themed pregnancy announcement featuring her and her husband. They based the video on the show’s episode, “Local Ad”.



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