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Three French soldiers killed in Mali, Macron expresses his “great emotion” – RT in French

The Elysée issued a statement in which it is indicated that three soldiers on a mission in Mali were killed by an explosive device in the Hombori region.

The Elysée issued a press release announcing the death of three French soldiers operating in Mali. The president made by in the text of his “very great emotion”.

“The President of the Republic salutes with the greatest respect the memory of these soldiers, who died for France in the accomplishment of their mission”, has also been read.

The men who fell in operation belonged to the 1st regiment of hunters of Thierville-sur-Meuse, in operation in the region of Hombori. “Their armored vehicle was hit by an improvised explosive device,” the statement said. They are Brigadier-Chief Tanerii Mauri, 1st class hunter Quentin Pauchet and 1st class hunter Dorian Issakhanian, the Elysee said.

“The President of the Republic expresses his complete confidence in the French soldiers deployed in the Sahel, salutes their courage and recalls France’s determination to continue the fight against terrorism”, we read.

Details to follow …