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The Los Angeles Police Department is apparently more spiritual than anyone imagined, as more than 2,600 employees are said to be planning to seek religious exemptions from the city’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate.

In addition to those seeking religious waivers, more than 350 are considering seeking medical exemptions from the jab order, the Los Angeles Times reported on Monday, citing a city official with access to the data. City workers were expected to make preliminary requests for exemptions by the end of Monday.

The mandate requires that City employees be fully immunized by October 5, unless they are granted an exemption. Those who obtain the waivers will be subjected to weekly tests to show that they are not infected with Covid-19.

Total police exemption requests could amount to about 24% of the department’s more than 12,000 employees – far more than any other municipal body. The rate of preliminary exemption requests was around 2-3% in the city’s other departments, according to a local NBC News affiliate.

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Only about 47% of LAPDs were fully vaccinated as of Sept. 3, compared to an average rate of 69% for all adults in Los Angeles County. Six officers filed a lawsuit against the city on Monday, asking a judge to overturn the vaccine’s warrant while saying there is no evidence that protection from inoculation is greater than naturally acquired immunity.

Los Angeles City Council approved the vaccine’s mandate last month, joining other major cities like New York and Chicago in forcing their massive work force to get vaccinated.

Critics have questioned the sincerity of the exemption requests, suggesting that there is no legitimate religious basis. “Ah yes, the great Christian Science-Amish wing of the LAPD”, one Twitter user joked. Another commentator said, “I had no idea that so many police officers were so religious, and I have no idea what religion is against vaccines.”

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