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This ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Left Pat Sajak Shocked After Guessing This Impossible Riddle


A Wheel of Fortune The contestant shocked Pat Sajak and viewers at home after correctly guessing a fairly difficult puzzle with just a few letters on the board.

Debra Mollé, a contestant from China Spring, Texas, had already accumulated $20,000 by the time she reached the bonus round on Thursday’s (Oct. 12) episode. The category was “Living Thing” and, even though the board only contained three letters, Mollé made it work somehow.

She started by guessing a rather random combination of letters: “F, M, J and O”.

“I believe this is the first FMJO combo we’ve had on the show in 72 years,” Sajak remarked. But Vanna White returned the letters, revealing that Mollé’s guess paid off big time.

The board now read “FL_FF_ R_ _ _ _T”, which she successfully solved as “Fluffy Rabbit”.

“That’s it yeah!” » said Sajak as he opened the prize envelope to reveal how much Mollé had won thanks to his luck. As she celebrated with her neighbor on stage, he playfully commented, “Oh, calm down, you just won $40,000!”

As they continued to applaud, he then joked: “Her neighbor is very excited, she owes money.”

Debra Molle
Photo: ABC

Mollé’s victory in the bonus round brought his winnings to a total of $60,250.

She reflected on her appearance on the game show during a recent interview with KWTX, during which she explained that her son encouraged her to audition for the show.

“(Sajak and White are) just like what you see on TV… very friendly, very nice, very funny,” she said. “And it’s a historic season because it’s (Sajak’s) last.”

Sajak will retire in 2024, after which Ryan Seacrest is expected to take over as co-host. White will remain on the show, where she will continue to co-host and shoot letters as she has since 1982.

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Wheel of Fortune airs weeknights at 7:30/6:30. Check your local ads on the Wheel of Fortune website.



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