“This is the moment of truth for the ‘legitimist’ wing of the Republican Party”

Tribune. For Joe Biden and some Democrats, the temptation is great to do nothing against Donald Trump. After all, there are only ten days left, admittedly long and filled with anguish, but maybe it is possible to just hope that nothing bad will happen by January 20. Yet the shock, psychological and constitutional, of the assault on the Capitol was considerable because it is about a cultural icon which appears in particular on the 50 dollar bills. Above all, it is part, like the Constitution, of the emblems of this ubiquitous civil religion in the United States. As such, the assault is the equivalent of the desecration of a holy place.

Violations, ranging from lobbying to electoral fraud to repeated incitement to violence, not only constitute criminal offenses punishable by prosecution and punishment under federal and local law, but are also characteristic of criminal acts. “Crimes and misdemeanors” more political than legal in nature that the Founding Fathers had in mind when they planned the impeachment procedure.

It is therefore essential to put a stop to this behavior so that these behaviors are clearly identified as unacceptable in the American constitutional tradition and cannot in any way constitute a precedent for the future.

Short-term partisan interest

This is all the more important as the impression that dominates is the feeling of impunity of all actors, from the president to those who stormed the Capitol without even bothering to hide or carry a mask, passing by politicians, including senators, high-level lawyers. Like Josh Hawley or Ted Cruz, who could not ignore the grave damage their non-resistance to Trump’s lies inflicted on the electoral system, institutions and democracy.

“Mike Pence, who certainly certified the results despite all the pressure from Donald Trump, would have to decide to let him go completely”

Just like the 17 attorneys general of republican states who contested the results before the courts for purely political reasons. All gave credence to the daily accusations of massive, nonexistent, and stolen election fraud. By prioritizing their short-term partisan interest, they went against the general interest and violated their oath to defend the Constitution.

Donald Trump was able to get out of some 4,000 lawsuits and, during his campaign, he trumpeted that he was above the law. When the election results were announced on November 7, he repeated the accusations of fraud daily before telephoning the electoral official in Georgia, asking him to “Find 11,870 votes”; and finally there was his exhortation to storm the Capitol. In open violation of the Constitution and the oath to defend and enforce the law.

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