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Three hours and forty-six minutes of riding, including two hours and fifty-eight minutes of actual pedaling, over a course of thirty kilometers. “Or three quarters of an hour to stop, pull the bikes or brake so as not to fall. Let’s be honest: we had it all! “

It is 6:30 p.m. this Saturday, September 11. Gwladys Leray, 32, his companion Emmanuel Colas, 39, and their two children – Thibault, 7 and Maëva, two – have just crossed the official podium at the finish of the 22nd Roc’h des Monts d’Arrée. Like 1,800 other amateur mountain bikers on Saturday. And before 4,000 others, also in Huelgoat, this Sunday. The family of Bégard (22) is full of it, “after 500 positive unevenness to overcome”, but it doesn’t matter. Gwladys quietly crushes a tear of pride.

It is like a challenge that we have succeeded in meeting. At seven, Thibault had never tested more than 20 km on a mountain bike and he did!

“ATV pinches”

“It’s like a challenge that we have succeeded in meeting. Thibault had never tested more than 20 km and he did it! »Mountain bikes connected to an app to measure their performance, adapted jerseys and shoes, state-of-the-art installation allowing the youngest to be in the saddle in front of her mother… the Colas are part of this great club of enthusiasts prepared to ride better.

Mountain biking, they do it every weekend in organized hikes, from April to September. And closer to home in winter. Two and a half years that it lasts. “Since April 2019 and the day we quit smoking. We found the right plan to compensate and stretch your legs as a family, ”said the couple, when it was time to take the last“ ravito ”of comfort. Their weekly breath of fresh air has more than one merit: “It takes us out of our daily lives (letter carrier for her, employee of Bricomarché Guingamp for him) and leads us to discover new corners of Brittany”. Camaret (29) two weeks ago, Plouarzel (29) last weekend, the Huelgoat forest, which they had never explored before, this time. The Colas admit, “they are pinched mountain bikes”.

During confinement, we adapted by driving in our neighborhood. We can say that we have eaten our nerves!

Roll in the garden

Like the Roch’des Monts d’Arrée, deprived of the 21st edition last year, the health crisis has cut off the pedals in their tracks. “We adapted by driving around the neighborhood. We even carried out a solidarity challenge, by doing 15 and 30 km of garden tours, laughs Gwladys. Okay, it was less far. We can say that we have cheated our brakes! “

Vaccinated and in legs, the little family finally got out of the van and the caravan with enthusiasm this summer. At the Colas, mountain biking meetings also punctuate the holidays and the budget. For the biggest amateur mountain biking sporting gathering in Brittany, this weekend, they put everyone down (except the cats and chickens!) At 10 p.m. at the campsite on Friday evening. Objective: to complete 50 km in two routes and two days, with the little ones.

70 km in 5 hrs 54

Nothing derailed the good mood. Apart from a nasty sore calves, Gwladys welcomed, this Sunday noon, an organization “even better oiled than the day before”, despite the covid constraints, with 400 volunteers at the cleat. “Great hike, in a magnificent forest spot, with perfect weather. A great wind of freedom! », Summarizes the postwoman, when welcoming« Manu »on his arrival of the day, shortly after 2 pm. He swallowed 70 km in 5 h 54. Thibault applauds him, admiringly. “Dad, are you taking me with you next year?” “

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