“This crisis shows to what extent Trump has managed to divert the Republican Party from its principles”

Tribune. It was not really a putsch. On January 6, the Capitol was not stormed by the military, but by an unorganized group of supporters of President Donald Trump, mostly made up of middle-aged white men. Some were dressed as football fans, fake soldiers, Spartans or shamans. Others carried the Confederate flag or Nazi symbols.

When they got to the heart of American democracy, they did not issue a manifesto or establish an alternative government. They wandered around the Capitol, took selfies, loaded up some souvenirs, smashed furniture, and that’s it.

Followers of conspiracy theories

This assault is a shock – it’s the first time the Capitol has been invaded since the British burned it down in 1814. But it shouldn’t have surprised us. In mid-December, Trump called on his supporters – who believe him hard as iron when he maintains that his enemies in the Democratic Party and the “deep state” have stolen the victory – to organize a protest ” wild (Sic) in Washington on January 6, the day when Congress counted the electoral college’s votes.

Note that many of the Trumpists who attended the various meetings of that day are fervent followers of the conspiracy theories of the QAnon movement. And that they were deeply disappointed that Trump, in his speech today, did not announce the arrests and mass executions of Democrats they expected.

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White supremacists and pro-Trump extremists have long been planning sweeping action to prevent Congress from declaring Joe Biden president. In a melodramatic comment posted on the far-right Internet forum TheDonald, Internet user “Mishaclara” even says she is ready to give up his life: “I want things to be peaceful, but if our leaders aren’t doing the right thing and if we’re going to storm the Capitol, then I will. “ By the time, on January 6, Trump called on Americans to “Walk on the Capitol” and to “Resume [leur] country “, some of his far-right supporters were already forcing the thin line of police that protected the building’s east and west facades.

Perhaps we should be delighted that the consequences of this invasion were not more serious? Washington has some of the toughest gun laws in the country; There were therefore few openly armed rioters. If there had been more of them, it is certain that the toll would have been heavier – four demonstrators lost their lives in the protests, one of them having been shot dead by the Capitol police, and a policeman died of his injuries.

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