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Things celebrities will do for their homes

Here’s who does what:

Sharon Stone once wanted to buy a 56,000 square meter island. The thing is in the Adriatic. Off Croatia. And he was unloading for $1.8 million – and that was about the exchange rate of one kuna.

Brad Pitt. Big with houses. As for his marriage, he fights for them. He once owned quantities of travertine marble, hand-carved in Rome. Even the toilets were marble. And he ran water from a rain head on the ceiling – no real shower. The splatter overflowed onto the floor. I don’t know how it helped him. Also, whatever.

Madonna once bought a £9.5million property on the Wiltshire and Dorset border. She then looked at a 10-bedroom 16th-century object in the Adriatic with stables and what everyone needs: a croquet lawn. In case you were wondering, King Edward slept there.

All are seeking to leave the United States. Johnny Depp settled on a country plot near Bath, England, which he saw as the perfect location for his – excuse the expression – temperament.

And don’t strike the lives of our Poles like Biden, Kamala, our mayor. Madeleine Albright once said, “We are hard-working people who sometimes have to live in mediocre conditions. In Moldova, our ambassador did the dishes in the bathtub.”

For his health

I don’t spend my nights thinking about Eddie Murphy, but people tell me: ready? — he asked for a peach-flavored potpourri in his hotel room. He has a phobia of germs. Wash your hands 100 times a day. I’m also afraid of catching a bug when shooting a love scene. For a better love scene, he should have washed other parts.

It’s a rough life

And all is well with police dog Commander chewing up White House guests. Millie, Barbara Bush’s freckled English spaniel, was dubbed DC’s ugliest dog. And Clinton’s black and white cat, Socks, was taking a nap on the South Lawn. (Biden too.)

Goodbye My friend

We just lost Ruschell Boone from NY1. I loved it. We loved him. NY1 loved him. And she loved everyone. His life, his family, his work. Then came a nasty condition that didn’t like him.

She sat down at my house. She told me she was from Jamaica. Cashed in a grocery store. Then Lord and Taylor. Then journalist. Married. I had two boys. The house was Astoria. Then came an evil. An emergency situation. Hospital.

She lost 50 pounds. Once released, she came to my house. She brought me Jamaican rum and flowers. We cried together. His colleagues sent him gifts. Some spent the night. His fellow journalists stayed in touch. Pat Kiernan called. Frank DiLella stayed close. Annika Pergament sent flowers. Errol Louis, phone calls. Jamie Stelter and Lewis Dodley wrote cards.

May the next life love her like we did.

Always a day off

Stop the stories about “how hard” BS Biden works. I had the next table – our napkins were almost touching – at Sen’s. Marriage of Alphonse d’Amato in 2004 with Katuria, now divorced. Biden smoothed himself out. Laid. Was drinking. I took pictures. I smiled. More pics. Was drinking. Patted the back. Smooth. More photos — provided the person is a VIP. He reveled in his own importance. The last time this guy worked was to rehearse his son.

Something new is being developed in Washington. Thieves train to be topless muggers. This way you won’t remember their faces.

Not just Washington, kids, not just Washington.