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These weird mobile games are now on the Switch (sort of)


I don’t know about these ads, but the games they advertise attract me every time. There’s something in my brain that yearns for the appeasement of helping this guy get his treasure back (he looks so happy!) or fighting off waves of zombies because I can match three with the best of them. But every time I’m dumb enough to download the game, I get burned because it’s never that easy. The game ends up being stuffed with ads and microtransactions or requires exploring several poorly explained menus before getting to the advertised part of the game.

Now with YYWTGRSHYGNLSYCT, I can get all these catnip games in one place, and I know exactly what I’m getting. (Most of the time, I still don’t know what’s going on in this tower rattling game.)

Best of all: it’s only $10.

Yeah! You want “those games”, right? So this is it ! Now let’s see them erase! is available now on the Nintendo Switch.



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