“These soldiers who preach the fracture of civil society on the grounds of wanting to heal it are trampling on republican principles”

VSome of the highest ranking officers of the French army are bored. Retired generals signed in Current values, a column, published on April 21, under the title “For a return of the honor of the governors” claiming to give a lesson to the policies on what should be understood by “Honor” and understand by “Homeland”.

France, they explain to us, would experience a “Disintegration” whose “Islamism and the suburban hordes” would be the first responsible. This fantasy ends in a thinly disguised threat: the reestablishment of public order by “The intervention of our active comrades”. To this call for a coup d’etat (because that’s what it is), other generals, this time in activity, respond present: “Yes, our elders are right about the substance of their text, in its totality”, can we read in a new forum of Current values, published, it, on May 9, under the title “For the survival of our country”.

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More than five million readers, announces the site of Current values, but less than 250,000 signatories. The difference between these two figures is obvious. He says enough about the value of the diagnosis and, on his own, makes the prophecy lie: France is not this fallen country, on the verge of of “civil insurrection”, promised “To chaos and violence” and doomed to sink into the ” civil war “. But what civil war exactly? The one who “Will put an end to this growing chaos” at the price of “Thousands” of deaths as maintained by the signatories of the platform of April 21? Or civil war “Smoldering” and would require, “If it bursts”, the intervention of the army according to the anonymous of May 9?

An intangible principle

That a phalanx of soldiers in need of being able to take their desires for a reality informs more about the state of a part of the army than on that of contemporary French society.

What is extremely serious in these two consecutive forums is not the supposed state of French society but the real state of a fraction of military society which, by ignoring its duties of neutrality, by preaching the fracture of civil society on the grounds of wanting to heal it, tramples on republican principles and loses all sense of honor.

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The subordination of military command to civilian power has been an intangible principle of the French Republic since its origins in 1792, when the army became a republican institution. This means, in law, the army’s obedience to its leader, the President of the Republic.

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