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“View” co-host Ana Navarro criticized Donald Trump Jr. on Monday’s show as an “idiot without skill, talent or significant accomplishments” living on “his father’s fame, name and fortune.”

She went on a rampage after a sarcastic tweet from Trump Jr. about her weight and a recent COVID-19 test.

Navarro and co-host Sonny Hostin were taken off the air on Friday when they both tested positive for COVID-19 as Vice President Kamala Harris waited backstage to appear on the program. The tests turned out to be false positives.

Hours after Navarro found out she didn’t have the disease on Friday, the former president’s eldest son tweeted: “Considering the news from Ana Navarro, I think it’s time for a national conversation. on the dangers of COVID-19 and obesity. “

Navarro had his own sarcastic remark Monday about Donald Trump’s weight, and, addressing his comments to his son, asked, “You’ve got the gall take it out on me?

She added: “Baby, if you want to have a conversation about COVID and obesity, you could have had it last October when your elderly, obese dad” contracted the disease.

She said it was a legitimate conversation, but reminded Trump Jr. on Twitter that “your dad is just a phone call away, assuming he answers your calls.”

“Apparently ‘Trump Jr.’ thought it was appropriate to use the false news I had COVID to shoot my weight,” Navarro said at the start of his attack on “The View”.

“Baby, I take a photo of my weight every day, okay? Unlike you, I have a mirror and know I have a weight problem, ”she added.

She posted a short video of her comments on Twitter and called Trump Jr. a “poster of nepotism.”

Check out the conversation on “The View” about COVID testing in the video clip at the top.


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