The Twitter account of the Russian vaccine Sputnik V “temporarily restricted” – RT in French

The Sputnik V page, devoted to the Russian vaccine against Covid-19, was “temporarily” restricted by Twitter. The reason for this measure is not yet known.

On Telegram, the Sputnik V page reported on the temporary restriction of his Twitter account on January 14. “We are investigating the reasons for this. Via Twitter, we shared all the information and were open and transparent about how the vaccine works, ”the statement read.

The page is not displayed automatically but can nevertheless be consulted after a warning: “Warning: this account is temporarily restricted. This warning is displayed because this account has exhibited unusual behavior. Would you like to see it anyway? “

“We ask all our subscribers to write to Twitter to ask them to restore our access”, can we still read in the press release.

In addition to Russia, several countries (Algeria, Serbia, Bolivia, Argentina, etc.) have registered Sputnik V to vaccinate their populations against the coronavirus. The Twitter page is used to communicate news and various information about the Russian vaccine.

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