The Troadec case trial: plunged into the heart of the horror this week – Troadec case: the trial to live live

A dizzying dive into the paranoid spirit of Hubert Caouissin. This is the difficult experience of the Assize Court during this first week of hearing. Hubert Caouissin, 50 years old, and his whole “system of thought to be explained”. Who warns: “I do not have the same codes as everyone”. “Me, I evacuate the problems by an explanation, and presto”. Hubert Caouissin wants to explain everything. But he sifts the facts through his paranoia.

“It’s true that her shirt was beautiful”

Thursday night, the court had a glaring example. He recalls an anecdote from 2013. The whole family is gathered. Lydie approaches her brother Pascal and tells him that his shirt is beautiful. “It’s true, she was beautiful”, needs to add Hubert Caouissin at the helm. “There he raised his fist. He was ready to hit his sister. No one understood what was going on. The worst part was her eyes… ”In Lydie’s mouth, no raised fist. But a simple joke-like sentence: “Fortunately you told me that, otherwise I would stuck you against the fridge!” “. Examples like this, “there are fifty in the file”, assures a connoisseur of the file.

Strange Hubert Caouissin, who was only happy “during the army, and at the beginning, with Lydie”. Who always seems to be right, because he has “more arguments” than the others. Hubert Caouissin and his “problem of perception”, which “no longer feels things as he should”. From his prison, for Lydie, he shows a very personal affection: “I miss your faults and your approximate syntax”.

The accused’s mother

And when the accused evokes his technique “MMS” (Method, Motivation, Care) to forge “the mind” of his son, or his taste for “things well built”, his investments in the stock market with “plans of” attack prepared a year in advance ”, we can only see the small pieces of the puzzle put together by the civil parties, convinced of the premeditated nature of the quadruple murder.

From this first week, we will also keep the memory of this image: the mother of the accused, 82 years old, white hair pulled back, alone in the room of the Assize Court, her large plastic shopping bag in her hands. feet. Only at noon, on a bench in the Salle des Pas Perdus, to eat one of the club sandwiches she bought for the whole week. An image that sums up all these (other) lives shattered, swallowed up, sketched in the previous days.

The court entered the mind of a delirious paranoid, still convinced of the existence of a theft of a golden family treasure. Convinced that he “did not willfully kill” his sister-in-law, his brother-in-law, his niece and his nephew. Monday, the court will enter the bloody house of Orvault (44), and under the shed of the farm of Pont-de-Buis (29). With this question that haunts the debates: had Hubert Caouissin, yes or no, planned the Orvault massacre?

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