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The six cities offering monthly payments worth up to $1,000 – see list

ALTHOUGH child tax credit benefits are different this year, thousands of parents across the country are receiving monthly payments.

There are at least 41 states and cities offering Universal Basic Income payments to residents.


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To fund the programs, many are using funds from the American Rescue Act, which was signed into law by President Joe Biden in March 2021.

The law also included temporarily increasing the maximum child tax credit benefit to $3,600.

However, the benefit is expected to revert to $2,000 this year as Congress failed to extend it.

In addition, no more monthly advance payments are made.

The six cities offering monthly payments worth up to $1,000 – see list
The six cities offering monthly payments worth up to $1,000 – see list

But some parent groups do and will receive regular payments from states and cities that allocate money to certain residents for UBI programs.

Here is a list of cities offering monthly money.

Baltimore, Maryland – $1,000

Baltimore, Maryland, launched a program that sends $1,000 a month to 200 low-income residents for two years.

This program, in collaboration with the local non-profit organization CASH Campaign of Maryland, aims to help young parents.

Full eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • Be between 18 and 24 years old
  • Be either the biological or adoptive parents or guardians
  • Parents must have full or partial custody responsibilities
  • Income must be at or below 300% of the federal poverty level, which is based on household size

For a household of four, the income level is $83,250.

Applications closed on May 9.

Ithaca, New York – $450

Under Ithaca’s Guaranteed Income Program in New York, payments worth $450 are expected to be made to 110 residents for a total of 12 months.

In particular, they will be aimed at caregivers, including parents.

The city defines a caregiver as an adult who devotes “significant unpaid time” caring for a disabled or aging child.

“It could be inside or outside their home,” the city said.

“This could include people caring for their parents or even parents caring for their child. This can include partners and extend beyond families to include guardians, neighbors, friends and more.

Area residents must have a household income below 80% of the area median, which is:

  • One person household – $50,200
  • Household of two – $57,400
  • Household of three – $64,550
  • Household of four – $71,700
  • Household of five – $77,450
  • Household of six – $83,200
  • Household of seven – $88,950
  • Household of eight – $94,650

Payments are now expected to start rolling out this month via prepaid debit cards, as reported by The Ithaca Voice.

Mountain View, California – $500

Eligible people in Mountain View, California will soon be able to apply for monthly cash.

The program will give 166 people $500 per month.

The initiative received $100,000 in funding from the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, according to a city statement.

This means that the program will last two years, instead of just one.

To qualify, you must be a parent or caregiver of at least one child.

Income must be less than 30% of the region’s median.

Applications are expected to open in the “mid to late summer period,” the city said.

New York – $1,000

Another program in New York offers hundreds of mothers monthly payments in multiple rounds.

The final round gives another $500 for 18 months, followed by another 18 months of $500 payments every two weeks.

To qualify, you must currently be pregnant and have an annual family income of less than $52,000.

Additionally, you must live in New York City within the following zip codes:

  • 10026
  • 10027
  • 10029
  • 10030
  • 10031
  • 10032
  • 10033
  • 10034
  • 10035
  • 10037
  • 10039
  • 10040
  • 10451
  • 10452
  • 10453
  • 10454
  • 10455
  • 10456
  • 10457
  • 10459
  • 10460
  • 10474

Applications closed on April 13.

Oakland California – $500

In Oakland, California, 600 families benefit from a cash gift that can be used as they see fit.

The first phase began in the spring of 2021 when 300 people were chosen to receive $500 for 18 months.

Today, 300 additional families receive the same benefit.

Oakland Resilient Families said the money came from philanthropic donations and community organizations.

Eligible families were chosen from a pool of applicants who met the requirements, including a family with one dependent child under the age of 18, an annual household income not exceeding 138% of the federal poverty level, and the families must live in Oakland.

Shreveport, Louisiana – $660

At least 110 residents of Shreveport, Louisiana have started receiving 110 monthly payments of $660 for a year.

To get the payments, a city resident must be a single parent, with an income 120% below the federal poverty level.

The city defines a single parent as a mother, father, step-parent, grandparent, caregiver, or legal guardian with a school-aged child.

The child must be at least three years old and under the age of 20 in August 2021.

The six cities offering monthly payments worth up to $1,000 – see list
The six cities offering monthly payments worth up to $1,000 – see list

Additionally, the city has stated that if you are not married, you cannot live with a partner.

Monthly payments started coming out in March.


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