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The SGG launches a legal revolution: Consolidated texts for accessibility and clarity of the law


The General Secretariat of the Government (SGG) is opening a new section entitled “Consolidated Texts”, thus responding to a major legal challenge. This initiative comes in response to the increasing rate of amendments to legal texts, generating substantial obstacles for citizens, businesses and legal practitioners in obtaining full versions of the amended texts.

Consolidated texts: a response to legal gaps

The lack of official and complete versions of texts subject to recurring modifications, disseminated in scattered publications of the Official Bulletin, constitutes a real problem, as explained by Mohamed Hajoui, secretary general of the government. This statement was made as part of the presentation and discussions on the sectoral budget of the SGG for the year 2024 before the Committee on Justice, Legislation and Human Rights in the House of Councilors.

With this in mind, the general secretariat of the government has established an operational methodological framework dedicated to the consolidation of legal texts. According to him, “this framework highlights the objectives of this process while detailing the standards, technical methods and procedures recommended for the ministries”. During a first phase, more than 20 consolidated texts were developed in Arabic, encompassing various laws, notably organic law No. 02-12 relating to appointment to higher functions, ordinary laws such as those concerning the loan of securities, the AMO regime, the financial control of the State over public companies and other organizations, as well as the law establishing a pension system for different professional categories, self-employed workers and people carrying out liberal activities. This corpus even includes a decree, specifically drawn up for the application of the provisions of the Highway Code relating to vehicles.

A crucial first step for legislative clarity

Thus, this initial series of 20 consolidated texts represents a preliminary step in this process. According to the Secretary General of the Government, “the consolidation process will continue in order to encompass a larger number of widely used fundamental normative texts”. In addition, an interface dedicated to consolidated texts has been established on the SGG website, offering the possibility of consulting these documents in PDF format. This platform also facilitates the application of research techniques within consolidated texts, thus ensuring optimal use of these resources, as Mr. Hajoui highlighted. Indeed, the consolidation of legal texts is of crucial importance. Firstly, it prevents any confusion or divergence between the various laws and regulations. The grouping of all the texts in a single document facilitates the understanding and interpretation of the legislation in force for legal professionals, judges and citizens. This consolidation promotes harmonious and equitable application of laws. In addition, the consolidation of legal texts simplifies access to legal information for citizens. By organizing the texts in a structured manner and regularly updating them, it makes it more accessible for non-legal specialists to find the necessary information. This approach promotes transparency and equality before the law, by offering each citizen the opportunity to exercise their rights and obligations.

Updating legal texts: a necessary and urgent approach

Mr. Hajoui vigorously stressed to the advisors the capital importance that the SGG attaches to updating legislative and regulatory texts. He specified that this approach represents both an imperative necessity and an emergency, aiming to harmonize the legal system with economic, social, cultural and environmental developments, while reconciling it with transversal and sectoral political orientations. He highlighted that the updating of legal texts is a continuous and uninterrupted process, following the normal course of legislative and regulatory production. He noted that most of the texts developed and approved are part of this update, thus demonstrating the vitality of the national legal system and its capacity to adapt to the reforms underway in the Kingdom.



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