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“The rule of law must not be a right of powerlessness”, judge David Lisnard



After the Arras attack, President LR of the Association of Mayors of France judged on Franceinfo on Wednesday that French citizens must be “incarcerated” as soon as they are “radicalized and dangerous”.

“The rule of law must not be a powerless right”, judged Wednesday October 18 on franceinfo the president of the association of mayors of France, David Lisnard, five days after the terrorist attack which killed a professor in Arras. The LR mayor of Cannes judges that it is necessary “incarcerate” French citizens as long as they are “radicalized and dangerous”even before any action is taken. “The act of ideological propaganda is an act, public order does not necessarily imply public violence”argued David Lisnard.

Concerning foreigners on S file, David Lisnard wishes that “those who adhere to an ideology that wants to exterminate us are not on the national territory”. The Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin precisely wants to include in his Immigration bill a provision to withdraw his residence permit from a foreigner who joins a “radical jihadist ideology”.

“It will be about adapting the law and having people in the leadership of the country who are not waiting for tragedies to work in a clinical and methodical manner to fight against these phenomena”continues the president of the association of mayors of France who judges that “this will necessarily involve a constitutional change”. “Today, within the constitutional framework, you do not have the possibility of supplanting the right to security above the right to form a family on the territory, all of that is no longer possible”he insists.

Faced with the difficulty of expelling foreigners and obtaining permits from countries of origin, David Lisnard denounces a “bureaucracy” and an “public impotence”. “It’s this public helplessness that we no longer accept.” While Emmanuel Macron asked the prefects to “to comb through” the files of radicalized foreigners, David Lisnard protests: “I was convinced that every day these services were sifting through the S files, that we were trying to expel or incarcerate foreigners who are dangerous, I discovered that we had to wait for an attack”.



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