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the promise of an electric car at 100 euros per month




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France 2

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France 2 – PL.Monnier, A.Robini, A.Belderrain, A.Chanteloup

France Televisions

100 euros per month for a brand new electric car: that was Emmanuel Macron’s promise. The manufacturers have decided to take the lead.

THE government promised, this manufacturer beat him to it. An electric vehicle can now be rented at 99 euros per month for two years. “100% electric cars, why not. We think about it more and more”says a motorist. “We should actually see the conditions”, continues another person. The offer primarily targets low-income households. To offer such a price, the manufacturer pockets the ecological bonus and the conversion bonus.

Other contributions to take into account

In two months, MG Motor France claims to have sold 600 cars with this device. “It is not negligible”, says Clément Lefèvre, communications manager. The manufacturer is not the only one to offer rentals. Dacia is 79 euros per month, Renault at 100 euros, and Peugeot at 130 euros. Very often, it is still necessary a contribution of money. For its part, the State maintains its promise, but the govrment is slow to specify the contours of the device.



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