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the price of school supplies has increased by 10%



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According to UFC Que Choisir, the price of these supplies has increased by 10% in one year. So, a few weeks before the start of the school year, in the specialized departments, the French are taking their time to make the right choice and preserve their purchasing power.

In this supermarket in Montpellier (Hérault), Charlotte and her father have decided to take advantage of the calm of this month of August to do their back-to-school shopping. Taking time to choose is essential, especially in times of inflation. “There are a lot of things that we have left from last year, and all the binders, it stays pretty much the same.“, explains the father of the family. List in hand, Christine, she goes straight to the point. “I really take what I need, I’m not into hyper consumption. Don’t buy 50 glue sticks, if you only need 10“, she asserts.

Essential products for less than €2

Pens, pencils and markers are among the products whose price has increased the most, according to UFC Que Choisir. This brand has therefore tightened the most prices on certain items. “We offer 60 items for less than €2, which cover all the needs of a schoolchild. These are the essential products found in each pencil case, each school bag“, assures Philippe Hieng, hypermarket director.



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