The police operation ends in a vendetta at the Vannes – Vannes police station

During an anti-drug operation carried out in Bourdonnaye, this Thursday, May 27, by the police and the canine brigade of Vannes, a bag was picked up. In the evening, shortly before 8 p.m., eight individuals went to the Vannes police station, quite upset, to retrieve said bag.

“Caillasser the police station”

The one who proclaims himself leader of the gang says he wants to burn and “gravel the police station as it happens in Paris”. The 22-year-old troublemaker is arrested and then taken into police custody. He refuses to comment on the traffic. As for threats, he speaks of a misinterpretation of his words.

Outside, his cronies continue to shout and bang on the door of the police station. They are then dispersed with tear gas. One of them will then attack a residential door in a neighboring street. Followed with the help of surveillance cameras, he was also arrested.

Revocation of a stay

The 21-year-old Nanterrien was brought before the magistrate, then placed in detention after revocation of a suspended sentence for a past case.

The first arrested, domiciled sometimes in Paris, sometimes in the Channel, was referred this Friday to the prosecution.

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