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The poetic journey of Ariel Neo in the wake of an eagle, in Huelgoat – Brittany

It was after a serious accident that Ariel Neo, a former professional rider, turned to the arts. Alternately painter, photographer, author, but also, for five years, director and producer, this designer born in Saint-Brieuc, but who grew up in the United States, has always liked to “mix the arts”. Known for her large circular oil paintings, which she stages in the middle of nature before photographing or filming them, Ariel Neo seeks to “challenge”. “My films tell the story of my paintings,” she says. Committed to environmental and animal protection, she thus expressed the urgent need to act in her latest film, “Firefalls”, which won many awards, in France and abroad. Released last year, this dazzlingly aesthetic short film was shot in the Huelgoat forest. “It’s a legendary forest that I have always found magnificent,” she explains. It is also there that I started to make images, in 2017 ”.

Poetic and aerial journey

The director was back in Huelgoat, for nearly three days, last weekend, to start shooting a new short film, “Ciels de Légendes”, a multifaceted artistic creation revealing Brittany in an unprecedented way, from point of view of an eagle. “It will be a poetic and aerial journey”, explains the artist. Here again, the arts will intertwine. “The idea is to make it a human and animal adventure on the borders of nature, painting, cinema, music and dance, which is intended to be a true tribute to the beauty and culture of region, ”she emphasizes.


A certain agitation reigned, Sunday morning, near the Fairy Pond, the Household of the Virgin and Chaos, emblematic places of the forest. While the dancers of the Celtic circle Eostiged ar Stangala, from Quimper, put on their costumes, the onlookers present all had their eyes on a majestic bald eagle, also known as a fish eagle, brought to the filming location by the crew of Vol en scène, a company from Chauvigny specializing in cinema birds. “This one made a recent appearance in” The world is yours “, by Romain Gavras”, indicates the trainer Simon Thuriet. To film the eagle, “a real technical and artistic challenge”, the team used drones in particular.


The images taken during this first shoot should be used for the editing of a teaser, in order to raise funds to finance this ambitious project “with a substantial budget”. “We are open to all types of partnership. Our goal is to finish the film by spring 2022. It is a project that requires a lot of filming authorizations, which causes delays ”, specifies the filmmaker, who is accompanied on this filming by her director of photography Stefan Girres.

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