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The news in drawing: the Ukrainian crisis, from escalation to attempts at de-escalation

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If Moscow announced again, Friday, to withdraw tanks deployed near the Ukrainian border, Western fears about the attack on Ukraine by Russia, they persist.

What does Vladimir Putin want? This is the big question that Westerners are asking themselves in this Ukrainian crisis which has been in the headlines for several weeks.

While Moscow announced on Tuesday, February 15, the withdrawal of its troops to the Ukrainian border, Washington indicates on the contrary that Russia is strengthening its military presence and that the Donbass (eastern Ukraine) is experiencing a serious resurgence of tension.

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UN chief Antonio Guterres said on Friday it would be “catastrophic” if the crisis between Russia and Ukraine escalated into war.

For his part, Emmanuel Macron, who was speaking at a press conference in Brussels, called for the cessation of military acts in the Donbass and the resumption of constructive negotiations between Moscow and Kiev, while on the ground, the bombardments increased for the second day in a row.

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